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Who we are

For over 50 years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been fighting to protect reproductive freedom, ensuring that women – and not politicians – make personal, private decisions about their reproductive health.

In 2016, NARAL took that fight to Nevada and opened our state chapter, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada.  NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to advancing reproductive freedom for all through legislative, political and community organizing. NARAL has organizers in the state which allows us to organize directly in the community with door to door outreach, phone banking, online actions and community events we have recruited more than 33,000 Nevadans as NARAL Members. We are battle born and feminist strong.

What we do

As a grassroots organization our primary purpose is to organize and mobilize our more than 32,000 battle born Nevadans. Our members speak out and ensure that Nevadans elected officials represent the values of more than 7 in 10 Nevadans that support access to reproductive freedom free from government interference.

We work in partnership with progressive allies to mobilize the community to do things like advance legislation in Nevada to protect and expand reproductive freedom, prevent anti-choice and regressive policies from being enacted, and elect leaders that reflect Nevadans overwhelming support for reproductive freedom. NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada is a member of the Progressive Leadership Leadership Alliance of Nevada and the America Votes c4 table.

Through our PAC, we endorse and work to elect lawmakers who will be champions for reproductive freedom and proactively identify opportunities to ensure all Nevadans have access to reproductive freedom.

What we fight for

NARAL members are fighting to preserve and expand true reproductive freedom for women and families across Nevada, including:

  1. Affordable, accessible contraception: 99 percent of sexually active people between the ages of 15 and 44 use some form of contraception and yet many do not have access to affordable and medically appropriate birth control.
  1. Access to safe, legal abortion: Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings on whether to choose abortion, NARAL believes everyone should have the right to choose if and when to have a family and we must protect that choice.
  1. Paid family leave: NARAL believes everyone should be able to choose if and when to start a family, and access to a paid parental leave program is an important part of our mission.
  1. Accommodating pregnant women in the workplace: Protecting pregnant women is a very important part of NARAL’s mission. No woman should feel she has to make decisions about her health and family due to pressure and intimidation from her employer.

What we’ve accomplished in the last year

  • Recruited a strong, active feminist resistance fighting for reproductive freedom: NARAL has more than 32,000 members in Nevada (and growing everyday!)
  • Flipped local control from anti- to pro- choice leadership: In 2016, NARAL helped flip both houses of state legislature to be pro-choice, and elect pro-choice leaders to Congress.
  • Led (and won!) a local resistance effort to protect affordable birth control and expand access: NARAL members led the fight to protect birth control access in Nevada–the first repro freedom bill signed into law in 18 years.

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Nevada must lead the charge. Are you with us?