For Immediate release: May 8, 2019

NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada Members Continue Push for the Trust Nevada Women Act As it Gets Hearing in the Assembly

This afternoon, the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee held their first hearing on NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada’s prioirty legislation, the Trust Nevada Women Act (TNWA), which will remove outdated barriers and fix antiquated laws by removing criminal penalties for abortion. These laws have long been blocked by the courts, but with Roe v. Wade in jeopardy, removing these barriers to abortion access is critical. Earlier this week, NARAL members embarked on their fourth feminist road trip of the session, driving up from Las Vegas and all across the state to make their voices heard in the capitol ahead of the bill’s first public hearing in the Assembly.

NARAL and Senator Yvanna Cancela unveiled the TNWA at a press conference at the start of session. Polling by NARAL shows that more than 8 in 10 Nevadans believe that women, not politicians, should have the power to decide their own destinies.

“The Trust Nevada Women Act will bring in a new era of equality, dignity, and freedom for all Nevadans and we are thrilled that the Assembly is moving towards passing it into law,” said Caroline Mello Roberson, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada State Director. “Nevadans from across the state have traveled from far and wide to advocate for the passage of this critical legislation. Over 83% of Nevadans want abortion to remain safe, legal, and free from governement interference and the TNWA will finally bring our laws in line with the values Nevadans hold. NARAL and our 45,000 members could not be more excited to work with our champions in the legislature to move the bill forward.”

As states around the country pass dangerous and restrictive bans on abortion, most recently in Georgia where Governor Kemp signed an extreme ban on abortion into law yesterday, Nevada is advancing legislation to protect reproductive freedom in the state.This comes 30 years after Nevada voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot referendum codifying Roe v. Wade in state law. Nevada is only 1 of 9 states with these protections on the books.

NARAL and its 45,000 members have proudly led the push for the TNWA, hosting four feminist road trips this session, with dozens of activists from across the state traveling from Las Vegas to Carson City to talk to their legislators about this groundbreaking legislation. NARAL members have held weekly phone banking events from Reno to Las Vegas and filled hearing rooms to testify on behalf of the bill. In a recent op-ed in the Las Vegas Sun, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada State Director Caroline Mello Roberson explained how essential the TNWA is to improving the health and wellbeing of Nevada women and families.


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