NARAL Nevada Launches Game Plan for 2019 Legislative Session

After historic wins in 2018, Nevada tees up banner year for reproductive freedomAs the 2019 legislative session kicks off in Nevada, NARAL announced their plan to safeguard reproductive rights for all Nevadans with the unveiling of ground-breaking legislation, brand new polling, and a video highlighting NARAL’s critical work from Las Vegas to Reno. NARAL recently announced their partnership with Senator Yvanna Cancela who will introduce the Trust Nevada Women Act (TNWA) this session.This legislation removes outdated barriers and cleans up antiquated laws long blocked by the courts including removing criminal penalties for abortion. New polling by NARAL shows that across Nevada, people from all walks of life agree that women, not government, should have the power to determine their own destinies.

NARAL Polling shows that a majority of Nevada voters support pro-choice candidates and protecting Roe v. Wade:

  • 83% of Nevadans personally support a woman’s right to abortion and believe it should be legal and available and do not believe government should prevent a woman from making that decision for herself

  • 64% of Nevadans support removing language currently on the books in Nevada from the constitution that would criminalize women for accessing abortion

  • 55% of Nevadans would be more supportive of their elected officials if they made efforts to support legislation that would protect Roe v. Wade

“Nevada has a long history of protecting the right for Nevadans to make own decisions about their reproductive healthcare, and determine their own destinies. Historic wins last November proved once again that embracing reproductive freedom and fighting for the rights of women and families is a winning issue. And now, Nevada is ready to turn around and make history once again,” said Caroline Mello Roberson, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada State Director. “With a pro-choice Governor at the helm and the first female majority legislature in the country, Nevada will be safeguarded by unapologetic, pro-choice champions who will always put women and families first. NARAL and our over 45,000 members are excited to fight alongside our pro-choice champions to move Nevada forward as we enter a new era of equality, dignity, and freedom here in the Silver State.”

NARAL created a video highlighting the work NARAL members have done over the last few years across the state of Nevada, making it clear that they will continue to be on the frontlines of the fight to protect and expand access to reproductive healthcare, contraception, and abortion for women and families.

Watch the full video here.

Nevada witnessed historic wins up and down the ballot in 2018. These victories were a rebuke to the Trump/Republican agenda that was pushed by Adam Laxalt, Dean Heller, Wes Duncan, Danny Tarkanian and extreme candidates up and down the ballot. Now, Nevada is represented by two female Senators, has elected their first Democratic Governor since 1999, and secured the first female controlled legislature in the country along with a pro-choice majority in the State legislature and a super majority in the House.

In 2016, NARAL members were a part of the successful coalition that flipped the Nevada State legislature from anti-choice to pro-choice control. As result, the 2017 legislative session saw the first bill in more than 18 years to protect and expand access to affordable birth control for all Nevadans. NARAL members will continue to build on this work during the 2019 legislative session and beyond.

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