NARAL Slams GOP Extremists Ahead of Trump’s Campaign Visit to Las Vegas

Visit Comes As Serial Sexual Assaulter Donald Trump and Senator Heller Stand By Brett Kavanaugh Amidst Serious Sexual Assault Allegations

Less than 50 days from Election Day, Donald Trump is heading to Las Vegas to campaign for fellow anti-choice extremists Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt, and Danny Tarkanian. GOP candidates up and down the ticket, led by out-of-step gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt and Senator Dean Heller, are peddling some of the most extreme views on women’s rights anywhere in the country, from working to take away lifesaving healthcare for countless Nevadans, to opposing a woman’s right to choose even in cases of rape or incest.

The visit also comes as Senator Dean Heller faces serious criticism for standing by anti-choice Brett Kavanaugh after credible sexual assault allegations came to light last week. Recent polling shows that Nevada voters would overwhelmingly reject Heller should he vote for Kavanaugh.

NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada State Director, Caroline Mello Roberson highlighted what this dangerous partnership means for Nevada’s women and families:

“Let’s be clear: Donald Trump, Adam Laxalt, Dean Heller, and Danny Tarkanian don’t trust women to make their own healthcare decisions and that couldn’t be more out of line with Nevadans’ values. More than 7 in 10 Nevadans support reproductive freedom free from politicians interference. The combined years that Donald Trump and his cronies Adam Laxalt, Dean Heller and Danny Tarkanian have spent force-feeding Nevadans their extreme ideologies and working to gut their basic rights span decades. Now they’re joining forces to try and trick voters into thinking that they’ve stood up for women and families. But make no mistake, Nevadans won’t be fooled.”

“While Laxalt, Heller, and Tarkanian are riling up the most extreme factions of their base, our more than 43,000 NARAL Nevada members will be out in full force, knocking on doors and making phone calls to expose these candidates’ dangerous records and to fight for our pro-choice champions: Steve Sisolak, Jacky Rosen, Susie Lee, Steven Horsford, and more. Rest assured we won’t stop until Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt and their anti-choice consorts are defeated in November.”

In case you missed it, here’s the type of “leadership” Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt, and Danny Tarkanian would bring to Nevada:


Candidate for U.S. Senate, Dean Heller has catered to the most extreme wings of the Republican base, siding with Donald Trump and the GOP to undercut the rights of women and families since the beginning of his time in office. Right now, he has refused to vote no on Brett Kavanaugh, who is not only the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee in history and someone who has lied under oath repeatedly, but a sure fire vote to gut Roe v. Wade. Kavanaugh has been surrounded by scandals since day one, including, most recently, the harrowing sexual assault allegations against him.

  • In Congress, Heller voted to take away healthcare from millions of Americans

  • Heller voted to impose an abortion-coverage ban on human-trafficking survivors with exceptions only for rape, incest, or life endangerment

  • Heller voted for an unconstitutional ban on abortion care as early as 20 weeks

  • Heller voted time after time to defund Planned Parenthood

  • Heller has also relied on campaign spending from anti-choice groups such as National Right to Life, which promotes dangerous and misleading lies about abortion and women’s healthcare

  • Heller voted to allow any employer to refuse to cover birth control and other essential health benefits, including maternity care and HIV/AIDS treatment for virtually any reason.


Candidate for Governor, Adam Laxalt has spent his career working to control women’s bodies and chip away at their rights. As Attorney General of Nevada, Laxalt has let down women and families across Nevada countless times.


Candidate for U.S. Congress in Nevada’s 3rd district, Danny Tarkanian has been an outspoken opponent of a woman’s right to choose.

NARAL has been a strong force in Nevada working to elect pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot. In 2016, NARAL members were a part of the successful coalition that flipped the Nevada State legislature from anti-choice to pro-choice control. As result, the 2017 legislative session saw the first bill in nearly 28 years to protect and expand access to affordable birth control for all Nevadans. NARAL members are committed to protecting and expanding those pro-choice majorities, and helping to elect the first majority female State Legislature in the country in the 2018 election. NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada members will continue to work overtime through the general election as they did in the primary, knocking on doors in the hot Las Vegas sun and talking to Nevadans about why we need pro-choice champions representing them at every level of government.

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