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April 10, 2017

NARAL Members Back on the Road for the Third “Feminist Road Trip”

As the Nevada legislature reaches the halfway mark of the session, NARAL members from Las Vegas Converge On  the capitol to advocate for an affordable contraception bill

NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada and pro-choice activists from Las Vegas hit the road for their third Feminist Road Trip. The group joined together to push a AB249 (Frierson/Benetiz-Thompson), a NARAL-backed bill to expand contraceptive access for women across Nevada. Traveling by bus to Carson City, NARAL members were excited to stand up for women and families and urge our leaders to pass this important protective measure.



“We’re already halfway done with the legislative session, but our members have never been more motivated,” said Caroline Mello Roberson, State Director for NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada. “With women’s reproductive rights under attack across the country, it’s crucial that we do everything we can to make sure Nevada families don’t lose access to basic health coverage. Our repeated visits to the capital our sending a strong message to our representatives: we’re not giving up.”


The Feminist Road Trip is part of a series of civic engagement events sponsored by  NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada. On today’s road trip, NARAL brought members back to the capital to fight for AB 249—a bill to ensure contraception remains affordable by codifying the “no-co pay” requirement of the Affordable Care Act  into Nevada law. It also  expands access by allowing for up to 12 months of contraception to be dispensed at once. The Feminist Road Trips are part of NARAL’s ongoing effort to protect the health care that Nevada families count on.


NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to advancing reproductive freedom for all through legislative, political and community organizing. NARAL has organizers in Northern and Southern Nevada and we organize directly in the community through door to door outreach, phone banking, online actions and community events. 





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