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March 27, 2017

NARAL Members Testify in Support of Pregnancy Accommodation Bill, Take Part in Second “Feminist Road Trip”

NARAL’s Feminist Road Trip Series Brings Nevadans from Across the State to the Capital to Fight for Women’s Reproductive Freedom

NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada hit the road today with members from across the state testifying in support of the Nevada Pregnant Workers Fairness Act—a bill to ensure pregnant women aren’t pushed out of the workplace. Traveling from Las Vegas by bus to Carson City, NARAL members were excited to stand up for women and families and urge our leaders  to pass this important protective measure.


“The outpouring of support today was a true testament to the importance of this issue for all Nevadans and evidence of the dedication of NARAL members,” said Caroline Mello Roberson, state director for NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada. “After hours on the road, our members were excited to tell their personal stories about why our leaders should stand up for pregnant women in the workplace. These commonsense protections are needed to ensure Nevadans aren’t pushed out of work because they’re denied reasonable accommodations for their pregnancy. ”

The pregnancy accommodation bill, SB 253 (Cannizzario), is one of NARAL’s top legislative priorities this session. Last month, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada held the first ever Feminist  Roadtrip to fight for the passage of NARAL’s other priorities, AB249 and SB 233, bills to ensure contraception remains affordable by codifying no co pays into Nevada law and to expand access by allowing for up to 12 months of contraception to be dispensed at once. The Feminist Road Trips are part of NARAL’s ongoing effort to pass protective reproductive measures and fight against the national trend of dangerous anti-choice bills in an increasingly hostile environment for women and families.



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