For Immediate Release: February 20, 2017


NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada Hosts Feminist Road Trip to Our State Capitol

In an effort to mobilize around the incredible momentum from the women’s marches, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada held a road trip from Las Vegas to the state capitol where pro-choice activists came together to hold their state representatives accountable and fight for reproductive freedom. NARAL Members met with legislators across the state to advocate for legislation sponsored by Senator Julia Ratti that would ensure birth control would continue to be affordable and accessible birth control for all Nevadans. A similar measure will be introduced in the Assembly by Speaker Jason Frierson.

The outpouring of support and excitement from NARAL members and pro-choice activists in Nevada was inspiring and made it more clear than ever that Nevadans are fed up with the anti-choice agenda and will fight for all women.

“Standing side by side with Nevadans from across the state who are excited and eager to stand up and fight was a phenomenal experience. As we saw today, women’s reproductive freedom is an issue that is so important to Nevadans and will not be taken lightly. We have always been a part of the pro-choice majority in the state who believe in things like access affordable and accessible contraception but now more than ever we are fired up and ready to fight. The success of this road trip is just a highlight of what should be expected this session. We will not give up,” said Caroline Mello Roberson, State Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada


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